Okay everyone, you’ve been waiting for it, so now’s your chance!! In the past, you may have not been able to root your Droid for some ridiculous reason; the program could fail, a file could not be found, whatever. Well I’m here to tell you that I have made my code light, efficient, and super fool-proof so that essentially all errors are now PEBKAC!! AWESOME!!! 😀 😀

Anyway, you are probably wanting to see the awesomeness happen. Unfortunately, as of tonight I don’t have a video of Soup or Root 2.06 Beta in action (plus I don’t have a Droid anymore, that’s where donating comes in to play! :D) so you’ll have to wait for that to come out in the future. But don’t worry, I will still give you simple instructions as always!!

How to Root:

  1. Download Soup or Root 2.06 Beta Here!!
  2. Turn on USB Debugging (NOT USB STORAGE) on your Droid!!  (remember, Droid 1 only)
  3. If you haven’t installed Motorola’s Drivers yet, click “Install Drivers” in Soup or Root.
  4. Once the Driver Installation completes, make sure your Droid is plugged in and press “Root Me!!!”
  5. When you are rooting, nothing will appear to be happening.  Don’t worry, just wait!!  Don’t press “Root Me” more times before the confirmation window pops up to let you know rooting is done.
  6. Check to see if Superuser is in your app tray on your Droid.  What do you know, it’s there!!  You are now rooted 🙂  If not, then reboot your Droid and try again.
  7. Donate to RDKamikaze for all his hard work into this project!!

Download Soup or Root 2.06 Beta Here!!!