EDIT 10-20-2010:  SOUP OR ROOT IS NOT MOVING!!!  This current server I’m on sucks!!!


Howdy everyone!!  Thanks for all your views and even a comment so far, I’m happy to inform you that Soup or Root’s official blog will be moving!!

Why move?

Well, Soup or Root’s blog is moving for mainly one reason: to get WordPress plugins!

That’s right, to have plugins you must have your own website, so I decided to move my blog to a free domain in order to get the desired plugins that make blogging AWESOME!!!  Here’s the link to my new blog, be sure to update your RSS Feeds and Bookmarks!! 😀


Thanks to all those who have been donating for my time, I have spent countless hours making Soup or Root so that you could all enjoy it!!

Features in Soup or Root’s new blog:

  • The same awesome background and setup
  • A FORUM for posting Q&A!!! 😀 😀 😀
  • Better tracking
  • More bells and whistles on admin-side that you all don’t have to worry about 😉

Again, my blog is located right here, so please go to it often!!