Hello again everyone!! It’s RDKamikaze again, sorry I haven’t been posting often with a bunch of updates for you all. I have been super busy ever since college had finals and after that, looking for and finding a job.

However, I have had to put down my programming for Soup or Root for another side income I have been pursuing: forex. I have been programming a LOT for a program that trades automatically and blah blah, but if you’re interested at all feel free to ask about that! Here’s the process of my robot (so you can see how I’m doing and follow along yourself for free) as I want to help you all!


Anyway, be advised that I do want to work on Soup or Root again but I had to learn yet ANOTHER programming language for the forex program (C#) so please continue to be patient with me. I know that Soup or Root 2.06 Beta had some bugs with certain people (which I’m still trying to figure out, but haven’t tried lately to fix) so I’ll make sure I get it to be better supported for *mostly* everyone (as I don’t know if EVERYONE is possible).

HUGE shout out of thanks to all those who have donated so far!!! I REALLY REALLY REALLY appreciate it as it helped me get through college, get married, and motivated me to come back and help the community once again!!

Again, I’ll be working with Soup or Root after I reach a good working point with my forex auto-trading robot. I HIGHLY recommend you check it out and sign-up to follow me as I trade with yours and my money (as it’s free for you) and you can make some extra side money for no worries!

As always, thanks for coming back to see the update and be sure to check back once I start working on the project some more!!