Okay guys, I need someone’s help! I have a new idea that was presented to me to make this much more stable but I don’t have a Droid anymore!!  If you’re wondering where it went, I gave it to my girlfriend’s brother who was recently hit by a semi and lost his iPod Touch, so I let him have my Droid as an upgrade 😉

So here’s my question:

Who wants to be my extreme beta tester?

Being my extreme beta tester would require a few things:
1. Willing to reflash your Droid (if already rooted) to stock with RSD Lite
2. Willing to try something that *may* (but 99.99999% chance will not) brick your Droid (no different than if you tried any of my rooting options lol!)
3. Familiar with cmd just in case something goes sour
4. Has google talk so we can chat as you do the work
5. Really it’s not much to be worried about, I just need a body with a Droid lol!
6. Common sense is a MUST!!! (dirr.. )

If so, please post a reply and we’ll work something out for you to test my latest idea that could turn into a version!! 😀